Swiss Student Clubs

Swiss Student Clubs Association

Would you like to become a leader - club president, social chair or a member? Would you like to boost your CV, develop your management skills, meet top executives, attend extraordinary events, find a mentor and enhance your network ? Join us and start enjoying the rich opportunities Swiss Student Clubs provide you with.

Student Clubs By Topic:

  • Functional Areas

    Marketing, Finance, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, General Management & Leadership, Sales & Business Development, etc.

  • Industry Areas

    Biotech & Healthcare, Sports, Retail, Energy & Environment Club, Entertainment & Media Club, Tech & Digital Businesses, Hospitality & Travel, Investment, VCPE, Real Estate, etc.

  • International Relations & Public Service

    Government & Public Policy Club, Public Speaking Club, Negotiations, Diplomacy, Social Entreprise, CSR, etc.

Student Clubs Help You All the Way

Swiss Student Clubs are a vital part of the university experience in Switzerland, and they support the mission to create leaders and thinkers who make a difference in the world. The Student Clubs organize a variety of events such as workshops, speakers, and conferences that provide unique opportunities for learning, networking, mentorship, enriching your CV with various leadership roles at the Clubs and socializing outside of the classroom.

Join and Benefit

Useful, Unforgettable, Unique

  • Get Mentorship

    We will share the best of our experience and knowledge to help you step-jump your personal development

  • Network

    Make new connections, organize events, take new initiatives, and always have fun

  • Enhance Your CV

    Student club activities add significant value to the way potential employers perceive you

  • Join professional events

    Join events we will organize with top-notch speakers, or simply take the lead and organize your own events

  • Become a leader

    Student club activities help you develop the leadership skills they rarely teach well in university.

  • Have fun

    Network, join events, get to know interesting people, enjoy a more fulfilling life